UREA, Sona-P

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Urea is a concentrated straight nitrogenous fertilizer that contains 46% nitrogen, which is a major plant nutrient. Nitrogen is a vital component of chlorophyll which is necessary for the photosynthesis process. It is applied to promote vegetative growth of crops and orchards in splits (basal & top-dressing).

In irrigated crops, Mostly, Urea is applied on the standing crop followed by irrigation to minimize its losses. In rain fed areas, it is often spread just before rain to minimize losses through volatilization process. “Sona Urea” produced by FFC is in prilled form and at FFBL in Granular form. Granular Urea has the advantage of ease of application on standing crops because of large size granules. Its efficiency is relatively better in high water demanding crops like rice.

Industrial Use:

Raw material for manufacturing of plastics, adhesives and industrial feedstock.

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